Half of Beef Deposit


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Total cost for this package is $3.50/pound of hanging weight of your beef (estimated to be 400 lbs). Approximately $1400 total. A $100 deposit is due at the time of your order. Remaining balance due at pick up. Email us to discuss approximate time you can expect your order to be ready before ordering if you would like.

1/2 of Beef comes standard with approximately 8 porterhouse steaks, 8 T-Bone steaks, 16 ribeye steaks, 8 sirloins, 6 rump roasts, 10 chuck roasts, 2 arm roasts and 120 lbs of burger. Burger can be made into premade patties. Stew meat, soup bones, cubed steak, short ribs, brisket, ox tail, heart, tongue and liver are all options that you can customize. If you do not want certain cuts they can be ground up into burger. Everything can be customized with a 1/2 of beef. We will walk you through the process and make it as EASY. No worries if you haven’t done this before.