Whole Beef Deposit


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Yep, you get the WHOLE thing or you can share with your friends/family. Up to you!

We aim for 800 lbs hanging weight on our beef. Cost is $3.40/lb or about $2800 total. A $200 deposit at the time of booking and remaining balance is due at pick up. Cuts are customizable and you can get it cut two different ways if splitting the beef. We walk you through this process! Don’t worry.

Curious as to what you can expect with a whole beef???

16 porterhouses, 16 tbones, 32 rib steaks or prime rib roast, 16 sirloins, 12 rump roasts, 20 chuck roasts, about 200 lbs of burger (in bulk and/or patties), round steak, cubed steak, short ribs, stew meat, brisket, heart, liver, tongue are all options. Please ask if you have any questions.